Many Christians have gifts and talents and are called to do great things for God. However, He has not yet given them the green light, because they must first learn to be stable, reliable, solid, and in control of their emotions.

Be determined to trust God. Whatever happens, be at peace; remain serene; maintain an attitude of praise and thanksgiving; do all you can; and keep proclaiming, "God fights for me.

Prayer of the day

"My God, everything Divine and wonderful comes from You, and so I beg for Your good energies, that they may hover not only in the immense universe, but in my humble life. 

Help me, Lord, to create plans, to control my emotions and to know my gifts, my abilities, with much wisdom, so that I will be able to follow a path of faith, of effort, of honor and of victories.

Show me, on this date, how to find my best, without leaving aside the effort, the work, and the deserving of good things, fulfilling all the duties and all the responsibilities that run through my steps, through your criteria and daily protection.

I root for success and for all that is mine by Divine Right, my God!

Thank you for your love now. 


Thought and message of the day

In order for our gifts and talents to be fully exercised and beneficial not only to us, but also to those around us, we must lead a life that is in accordance with what we proclaim.

I am very happy to be married to a stable man. Of all that Dave has taught me, I am infinitely grateful to him for teaching me the value of stability. At the beginning of our marriage, he never knew how I would be the next day - and neither did I! It was circumstances that decided my mood - which was very painful.

You have to stop making excuses. Sometimes you can wake up in a great mood and suddenly something upsets you and by nine o'clock in the morning the rest of the day is hopelessly ruined. But it doesn't have to be this way. We can control our reactions, but until we are convinced, nothing will change.

The first thing is to stop making excuses like, "You are stronger than me. What you want me to do, I am a very sensitive person. I'd like to see it if you were in my shoes!" God will never ask you for something without also giving you the ability. And you can accomplish a lot if you learn to control your emotions.

Whether you like it or not, you are engaged in spiritual warfare. Your enemy, Satan, attacks you in various ways and won't let you rest. So you have to learn to resist.

Paul writes in Philippians (1:28): "Do not be afraid of your adversaries: this will be a sign to them that they are condemned and to you a sign that you are on the way to salvation; and this is from God."