Lately I've been taking some time to think about the bad attitudes that displease God the most. I think what He likes least of all is an ungrateful heart. If you are a parent, you will certainly understand what I mean. You strive to do everything you can for your children, and you wouldn't hesitate for a second to start over if they told you, "Thank you, Mom" or "Thank you, Dad". "I appreciate everything you do for me". But not all children have that maturity.

We no longer count the times they come home grumbling: "I want this“, “I want that" or even "why don't you want to do this for me?" It's something to be upset about, right? Many Christians probably have the same effect on God! So it seems important to me to reconsider our attitudes and understand the importance of a grateful heart to God. Start your day, therefore, with this prayer.

Prayer of the day

"God, I am grateful for all my days, for the comfort of my home, for this new day being born. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the good things that I experience, and even the not so nice ones, that teach me to value everything that is good in my life.

Lord, I am grateful and on my knees I give you all my love. May this new day be even more full of positive attitudes, and may I know how to thank you always.

God, bless my new day.


Thought and message of the day

At the risk of surprising you, I think we should learn to appreciate our trials much more than we do, because they are what make us grow into the likeness of Christ.

You see, in difficult times, we tend to experience more of God's closeness and power in our lives. It is in those times that we really get to know Him. Complaints are an open door for the devil. We must learn to thank God in all things.

When you have lunch with someone, don't spend all your time telling them about your problems. Instead, tell about the good things God is doing in your life.

God has given us a wonderful grace in allowing us to look positively at what is negative and declare, "This circumstance cannot defeat me because God is on my side“.

I want to have a good attitude because that is what glorifies God. He has promised that all things will cooperate for our good, provided that we meet three simple conditions: remain in an attitude of prayer, continue to love him and desire his will (Romans 8:28). This promise is the absolute guarantee that God will bring good out of all our situations, no matter how complicated. The only key to living a life of victory is an attitude of gratitude.

If you can be grateful in any situation, convinced that God causes everything to cooperate for your good, victory will inevitably be in the offing.