If you find yourself in anguish or at a time when it is not possible to find a job or a specific opportunity, for example, you can then pray effectively for something new that can bring benefits to your life. Pray this morning with the prayer of the day.

Prayer of the day

Father, on this date I beg you to see what I need; help me in my pain; 

I beg you to assist me with a new opportunity, 

Beloved Father, I know that you have perfect plans for everyone, and at this time when I feel confined, I am here, pleading with you to help me with this request for opportunity, so that I will be able to support my family.

Your goodness is very great and from your hand I shall never fall, for you will relieve me, I beg you, Father, to satisfy this desire of great need. 

Father, you are blessed and in heaven, open the doors and windows of hope, for your mercy will help me find a job that I say I can do.

Help me my God, that I may have the necessary patience and so wait for your reward, to have this job to do it with dignity, where I can have prosperity and stability, be you who intercedes at my request so that I can have a stable economy.

Help me Lord to be the provider and bless my home and family, for I need to provide them with food, help me to start a new business (make your request with faith) don't leave me in this burden, for I have always believed in you and you will be blessed forever, as our God, Father Creator, Amen.

Thought and message of the day

Work is health, we are told. It drives away boredom, addiction, and necessity. It humanizes by the social bond it creates and keeps our intellectual capacities alert. It straightens, moralizes the deviant, makes the man virtuous.

Besides being an essential source of income, work emerges as a vector of sociability for many workers. It is an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and sometimes even find our future professional partners.

Work allows you to achieve. It is an obligation to yourself. But work is a moral duty, not only to others, but also to oneself. Indeed, to work is not only to satisfy one's vital needs, it is also to realize what is most human in man.

The result of his work has a value recognized by his peers. Man gives of himself and feels useful. He is an actor in economic and social life. Thus, he acquires significance in the eyes of others. Work brings respect from others.