Prayer to get a job in 7 days ─ In an environment where the future is not very reassuring and where competition is fierce, it is not always easy to find your place in the professional world. Although society has almost made it part of our identity, no one is very comfortable without having an answer to the famous "What do you do for a living?" Even more so, what to do when our main means of livelihood runs out? 

In short, for one reason or another, it can happen that the prospect of finding a job becomes increasingly difficult to believe. However, despite the times in which we live, we serve a God who remains the same in His faithfulness to His promises and their fulfillment in our lives. He Himself has already told us how to present this need to Him:

"Don't worry about anything, but always ask God for what you need. And when you pray, make your requests with a thankful heart. So the peace of God, which surpasses all that we can understand, will keep your hearts and your thoughts united to Christ Jesus (...) And my God will give you everything you lack through Christ Jesus, so great is his glory" Philippians 4 : 6-19.

Understand the prayer to get a job in 7 days

"Ask and it will be given to you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and it will be opened for you (...) Then this is even more certain: your Father in heaven will give good things to anyone who asks Him. Matthew 7:7-11

God invites us to let Him know our needs, our desires. Even if He already knows them, He really takes pleasure in this "heart to heart" where we share our dreams, our ambitions with Him. He invites us to excellence in all areas of life, and work is one of them. 

Therefore, we have no reason to temper our dreams. Moreover, when these dreams are God's plans, they must never be limited to human means.

If God has put it in your heart, then He will provide for its realization. That's why we must dare! Dare to ask God specifically for the desires of your heart, no matter what your eyes are seeing at the moment. Sometimes, as we would do with men, we tend to minimize our real aspirations for fear that we will be ashamed if we don't.

So we generalize, diminish and settle for little when in fact our heart burns for this project and the Lord desires to respond precisely to it. If God has placed a specific dream in you, then wait and, as King David did, remind God but also your soul. As long as you continue to submit that desire to God, there is no harm in knowing exactly what you want.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for work but don't have a precise idea of your orientation, ask God to reveal to you what He has placed in you. As innocuous as it may seem, God works with every detail of your person. So you can simply ask Him to enlighten you, to create the situations and opportunities that will help you to know yourself better and to know exactly where He wants you.

Prayer to get a job in 7 days

"Father, I want to thank you even in the midst of this situation because I know that you remain true to your word, you are the one who will always take care of me. You are the one who opens the doors that no one can close and who closes the doors that no one can open, so I already thank you for this work because even if I don't see it yet I know that I will enter this one that you have destined for me, because you have reserved a part for me, your son. Thank you because my identity does not depend on my titles in this world, my value is in You and in the sacrifice of Jesus through which everything is realized for my life.

Holy Spirit, be free now to speak to me, to infuse me with Your thought and Your peace. I know that You support me in this time and You Yourself intercede for me with the Father, so I want to listen to everything You say to me and obey Your voice.

In Jesus' name I prayed, amen."