Prayer for getting a job ─ Getting a well-paid job is not easy. Often, having enough experience and education, a suitable option does not present itself or employers prefer other candidates.

You can't give up and rely on chance. It is worth remembering the higher powers that will never leave a person if he humbly asks for something.

How to correctly offer a prayer for employment?

When we turn to God with a material request, many people think about the moral side of this issue. Don't worry, the higher powers encourage honest work, which means that prayer for employment is completely appropriate. 

However, asking for help is the right thing to do.

Don't pray for big salary, high position and wealth. It would be more correct to ask the candidate for a suitable job that contributes to the realization of skills, brings joy, and brings profit and prosperity.

You can pray at home and in church. The main thing is to concentrate and try to think about each word, because indifferent reading of memorized phrases will not bring any benefit.

Begin your prayer with repentance for your sins, reciting an "Our Father". Remember who has hurt you, ask God's forgiveness for that. Ask for blessings sincerely, then your desires will be heard.

"O Lord, who provide help to all who turn to you! Hear this son, (name), plead! Now and at all times, pray for us, who honor your memory, unworthy sinners, at the Throne of the Lord. 

Lord, shone His great miracles, healing all those who turned to the Lord in faith. He interceded for all who were sad, for all who mention His name, in all difficulties and sorrows. 

To be delivered from every human evil. Protect me from evil slander, misfortune, disease, the evil one, the machinations of the enemy. Cast the evil spirits out of me and grant me a decent job to provide for my needs and my family. Amen"

Prayers for finding a job

In the old days, when people lived in communities, in large families, there was little choice of work: graze the cattle, cultivate the land, and you would be fed. Nowadays, a person's personality has developed, has changed, and it is not enough that they are simply full. We want to dress better, eat better, and work to bring joy. One has to choose the type of activity, sometimes far from simply producing food. Is there a prayer for finding a job?

By fulfilling the Lord's command to increase "talents", a person chooses a type of activity that allows him to live with dignity and not forget God. Prayer to find a job should be the first step in this difficult choice.

Prayer to the Holy Matron of Moscow to find a job

"O blessed Mother Matron of Moscow, with her soul in heaven before the throne of God, her body rests on earth, and the grace given to her from above performs various miracles.

Look now with your merciful gaze upon us sinners, in our sinful pains, sicknesses and temptations, your dependent, consoling and desperate days, heal our fierce evils, from God to us through our sins, forgive us, deliver us from many troubles and circumstances, implore our Lord Jesus Christ, forgive us all our sins, iniquities and sins, from our youth, until this day and hour, we have sinned, but by your prayers, having received grace and great mercy, we glorify in the Trinity the only God , the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever. Amen."

Powerful prayer to get a job

Finding a job doesn't usually happen overnight, the search can turn into an odyssey, which can discourage us. Have you ever tried praying for a job?

Saying a prayer or ritual at this time may be just what you need to get positive thoughts. Also, perhaps a prayer, done with faith, can help you get the job you want.

We want to help you, so we leave it to you to make this prayer to find a job urgently. Do what you want and as many times as you want, to get a good job, any help is welcome.

"Holy angel, my attention and my love. A faithful friend who protects me. I have all my trust and want to walk with you. I know that you are illuminated by the Lord's grace and joys.

I ask you to help me with this prayer, to open my professional paths now, as well as to obtain an opportunity, a job or a placement in an emergency service.

You are a superior being, with you I want to walk always, helping all people with strength to continue on their way, with a tender and charitable look, distributing joy and blessing.

Sweet companion and friend, support me in this difficult professional moment, help me, protect me today and always.

After finding a job, the next step is to keep what you already have. What could be better than prayer to find a better position to guide you for many years to come."