Know how to use the Bible in everyday life and read through your routine, for many it is easier said than done. If accomplishing Bible reading has been one of your long-broken resolutions, try one or more of our tips.

Learn how to use the Bible in everyday life

As a young adult, you may have been an avid reader. You read in a linear fashion, according to reading plans or with the help of a daily devotional. And then marriage, family, and the whirlwind of life led you to abandon this practice more and more. If you have regrets, here are some short tips that can help you to dive back into God's Word and let yourself be transformed by it.

1. Make it a priority

Instead of watching the entire season of your favorite series, enjoy a single episode and take the time to read your Bible. Or leave the TV off until you read the Bible. If morning is the best time for you, maybe you should go to bed earlier so that you don't have trouble waking up. Let reading the Word become your priority.

2. Choose quality over quantity

Sitting quietly for a few minutes or reading a few verses is better than never opening the Bible. Reading the Bible is like playing sports, a little is better than nothing. Engage in quality reading rather than focusing on quantity and falling short of your goal.

3. Listen instead of reading

Because of technology, the means to receive the Word are not lacking. Now you can listen to the Bible on a CD, download a translation on your smartphone, and listen to it on the bus or in the car.

4. Adopt a new routine

Human beings are creatures of habit. If something has worked well in the past, we dare not try new things. If you usually read the Word in the morning, maybe you should try reading it in the evening or at lunchtime. Be ready to adopt a different rhythm that will renew your routine.

5. Change location

Maybe you need to find a different place to read the Bible? Why not try doing your reading at a café or in a park during your lunch hour?

6. Choose a Reading Plan

Some things are easier to do when you do them with someone else. Find a friend, ask your spouse, or join a group whose participants commit to reading the Bible together. You can also use your phone to get reminders and track your progress according to your chosen reading plan.

7. Keep your Bible in your pocket or purse

It's easy to have your Bible with you in a digital version on a smartphone or a pocket Bible that easily fits in a bag. Take advantage of periods of inactivity during the day to pick up your Bible. Instead of scrolling through the social media news feed, pick up your Bible!

8. Memorize

If you prefer quality over quantity, here are some tips for memorizing the Word: start with a verse, familiarize yourself with the verse, read it in various translations, write it down, and put it somewhere you can see it. Meditate on this word until it becomes alive in your heart.

9. Make it a family affair

If you want our children to grow in the love of the Word, you must set an example. You can integrate your Bible study with family time. You can discuss a Bible story together over breakfast or dinner.

10. Become an expert

Don't run away from the difficult books of the Bible and don't neglect the sections that you have read thousands of times. One verse can have a transforming effect if your goal is to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. It's all a matter of assimilating the Word, not establishing a record of how many times you've read it.

Always have the divine word at hand!

Finally, you can be creative, find different approaches, different types of reading: cursive, systematic, exegetical, meditative, to renew, maintain, revive the pleasure of reading and understanding and then applying this Word in your life.