When the pregnancy test checks the unexpected, what is the best way to expect it? ─ In Biblical times, it was a shame for a woman not to have children. Many of the Bible stories about unplanned pregnancies occur when God miraculously intervened to give a woman a child, in some cases even when the woman was past the age when she could conceive naturally. 

Sarah gave birth to Isaac when she was ninety years old; God had predicted that this would happen, but Sarah's initial reaction to His words makes it clear that she never expected it to actually happen. 

What the Bible says about pregnancy test that proves the unexpected

What the Bible says about pregnancy test unplanned? Simply put, it says that every child is made in God's image, life begins before birth, and that He cares about women struggling with an unwanted conception. 

It clearly states that He offers help, comfort, wisdom, care, healing, and peace to any woman in need, and He instructs Christians to treat the mother of an unborn child as they would treat him.

Unexpected pregnancy under less than ideal circumstances

At the same time, not all unplanned pregnancies in the Bible occurred under such ideal circumstances. Before Sarah gave birth to Isaac, she encouraged her husband Abraham to have sex with his maidservant Hagar in order to conceive a child. There is no mention of whether Hagar was asked if she wanted such a relationship, but the Bible records it. 

After becoming pregnant, Hagar had a falling out with her lover Sara. Sarah treated her harshly and Hagar ran away, even though she really had nowhere to go. God sent an angel to her to encourage her to return to Abraham and Sarah. 

The angel also explained that she was pregnant with a son, told her what the son should be called, and even described his personality. Hagar followed the angel's instructions and God went on to make her son Ishmael a mighty warrior and the prosperous head of a tribe that, like Jacob, had twelve sons. This occurred even though Abraham sent Hagar and her son away when the boy was only 13 years old.

Mary's pregnancy was also unplanned. As a virgin, she had no reason to expect that she would soon give birth to a child, but an angel appeared to her to tell her that she would have a baby, and that the baby would be the Son of God. 

Mary knew very well that the people in her small hometown would not believe her; instead, they (and her future husband) would think that she had engaged in premarital sex, and the consequence of such a procedure was stoning under the Mosaic Law. Nevertheless, Mary agreed to become the mother of the Son of God, and God took care of her by having an angel appear to her bride to explain that the baby was "conceived by the Holy Spirit."

God's care for the unborn and their mothers

God's Word makes it clear that the unborn, like men and women all over the world, are made in the image of God. In the book of Psalms, David talks about how God formed him from the time he was in his mother's womb. 

God tells the prophet Jeremiah that He knew him while he was still in his mother's womb and sanctified him before he was even born. The Gospel of Luke records that Mary, the mother of Jesus, visited Elizabeth when Elizabeth was six months pregnant with John the Baptist, and the unborn John jumped in his mother's womb upon hearing Mary's voice.

At the same time, God knows that an unplanned pregnancy can be incredibly difficult for any woman. He offers comfort, peace, guidance, help, and provision for those who need His help. There are no "requirements" to come to Him for help; Jesus clearly states in Matthew 5 that God sends sunshine and rain on all, just and unjust (Matthew 5:45).

God also commands His children to help those in need, going so far as to tell His disciples that what they do (or don't do, to "the least of these," they do (or don't do) to Him. (Matthew 25:40)