To keep up to date with the Divine Scriptures, there is no better activity than reading the Holy Bible. In this sense, there are several ways to read the Bible nowadays, especially through apps that bring diverse contents, from extra material to games. Therefore, check out the best apps to read the Bible online!

Best applications for reading the Bible online
Best applications for reading the Bible online (Photo/divulgation)

1 – The Holy Bible

Even being a very simple app, the Bible is one of the most indicated apps for those who want to access the Holy Scriptures anywhere. By the way, because it is very simple, since it only has the books and a highlighter, it is much loved for being direct and practical.

On the other hand, it has the advantage of not having advertisements, besides allowing offline reading. In the app, just choose the book and chapter to start reading. In addition, another advantage of the Bible is its fast search system, which allows you to find any verse or text easily. The app is available for Android and iOS.

2 – Bible

Bible is one of the best apps for reading the Bible online, with translations in more than 30 languages. Free, it has versions for Android and iOS. The app offers several versions of the Bible, most of which are available offline. In parallel, the app allows you to listen to audios, take notes, share favorite passages, among other features.

3 – MyBible 

Created by Netfilter, the Holy Bible app gathers the 73 biblical books, with Portuguese translation. In addition, it has an exclusive version of the Bible distributed by the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, belonging to the Catholic Church. In the application, we can check passages, excerpts, annotations, and several other contents about the Word of God. The Holy Bible is available for Android and iOS.

4 – I Know The Bible

With a quiz format, I Know the Bible was developed to test your knowledge about the Bible. In the app, we have several questions about the biblical verses, characters and passages. In this sense, each correct answer offers a bonus, used to unlock more stages. 

5 –

One of the most popular apps for reading the Bible, offers the Holy Scriptures translated into 1200 languages, including Portuguese. In the app, simply enter the home page and locate the version by the language of the country.

Another benefit of is that all passages and verses are available for download, allowing you to read them offline. In addition, the app has audio options for the New Testament, as well as a function to share your favorite passages on social networks. Free, the app is available for Android and iOS.

6 – Bible for Children

For those who seek to show the Scriptures to the little ones, the Child's Bible presents the main Bible stories in a childlike and practical language. Through it, children get to know several stories, such as Noah's Ark, creation of the world, and the Garden of Eden.

In addition, all passages are told with illustrations, to make access more fun. On the other hand, the app also has audio narrations. Available for Android and iOS, it is the best Bible learning app for children.

7 – Women's Bible

Developed for women who wish to get closer to the Holy Scriptures, the Woman's Bible is ideal for reading God's Word anywhere. In the app, we can count on a simple and beautiful layout. On the other hand, it counts with the Harp, an indispensable service to better understand the scriptures.

Finally, the app has a layout aimed at the female audience, however, even if you are a man, it is still worth installing it. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the app allows downloading, so you can be your favorite verses anywhere.

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