If you love listening to music, but don't know how to do it for free, we have great news for you! That's because we brought some applications to download music on your phone without paying anything for it. Check them out below!

1 – eSound

Launched by Spicy Sparks, eSound works similarly to Spotify. However, its biggest differential is to be a minimalist application, to give an innovative experience to the user. In the app, we have a free plan, where the user can download his favorite songs to his cell phone, in a practical and easy way.

2 – Audiomack

Another fantastic option for downloading music on mobile is Audiomack, especially the new releases. In addition to the songs, it has an interesting tool that allows the artists themselves to increase their reach on the platform. This way, in addition to downloading music to listen to offline, you can also get to know new artists and sounds.

3 – Resso

With a different algorithm, similar to those of social networks, Resso is perfect for downloading free music. In practice, its style is very similar to SoundCloud, where you can find a bit of everything, from the most played songs of the moment to classics of various styles.

4 – BandCamp

Being one of the most famous in its category, BandCamp is perfect for downloading music on your cell phone. On the app, we have a huge collection, ranging from big names - who aim to show their work first on the platform - to independent artists.

In BandCamp, it is possible for any artist to upload their music without paying anything for it. In addition, for the nostalgic ones, each artist has a store in their profile, so you can buy CDs and LPs of the artists that interest you most.

5 – Jamendo

Jamendo is perfect for downloading music on your cell phone. In practice, the platform works differently, as independent artists upload their work, and you have free and easy access to all content. On the other hand, it allows playlist creation, to make life easier for those who are not used to downloading music.

On jamendo, we can find artists from over 10 countries, in 20 different genres. So you can discover new music, on your computer or cell phone. The app is available for Android and iOS.

6 – MP3 Stage

One of the best known of the category, Palco MP3 is perfect for downloading music of all styles. Although it is popular in the style of sertanejo and MPB, it also has playlists of other rhythms. For this, you can download songs on your cell phone, just add the tab "Library".

On the other hand, the app also features a stories function, meaning you can share your favorite songs on social networks. With an optimized and simple interface, it is one of the most popular ways to download music to your phone.

7 – DatPiff

If you love hip-hop music, DatPiff is perfect for getting to know new artists. That's because the app works as a huge music sharer, most of it free. Although the platform requires a registration to access, you can download and listen to music offline, without a subscription.

8 – Free Music Archive

Functioning as a large online library, the Free Music Archive allows anyone to upload their own music. On the platform, we find great music classics, however, it is a reference among independent artists. Another positive point is that it offers playlists based on your tastes, which means you will always find new music similar to your profile.

9 – YouTube Music

Youtube Music is here to mix video and music. Through a unique experience, based on Youtube's algorithm, you will have access to the millions of songs present in the app. In addition, the app brings exclusive playlists based on your music history and tastes.

How about downloading gospel music on your cell phone?

If you prefer applications that pay more attention to gospel content, you can download specific songs in the style in question from the options distributed over the Internet! The possibility that can fill your daily life with songs that bring God's Word is available below.

MP3 Christian Music

In a much more specific way, MP3 Christian Music is an app that everyone who loves gospel songs needs to have on their smartphone. If gospel music usually surprises you, this app is able to detect any song that is playing around you with a simple click. In addition, the app is able to automatically add the title to your playlist and also generate a playlist according to your preference. Enjoy downloading your gospel music at any time with MP3 Christian Music.

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