The best hosting applications These platforms are available for download on Android and iOS devices, most with a simple and easy-to-use interface. These platforms are available for download on Android and iOS devices, most with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Check them out below. 

best hosting applications
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Best Hosting Applications 

If you are preparing for your vacation or planning for the next vacation, there are platforms that make planning easier. Among the applications, the hosting ones stand out. 

These platforms have been developed to facilitate the process of hosting all over the world. Finally, through the services, it is possible to book the best hotels and packages without leaving home. 

If you need a dose of technology to do your planning and enjoy your travels, these platforms can help. Want to know the best hosting applications? 

We have assembled a series of platforms for those who want to plan trips with practicality and tranquility. Through these services, it is possible to find comfortable environments for your stay. Check them out below: 

1. trivago

Trivago is a popular lodging app among users. This platform has a strong presence in the media, ranking highly among travel apps. 

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, Trivago presents users with excellent price options. Through this application, tourists can compare prices between 1.8 million hotels in 190 countries. 

Finally, with a database of more than 400 registered sites, the booking process is practical. Among the main functions of the application, we cannot fail to highlight the search by filters, desirable currency, popularity, among others. 

2. Booking

Booking, available for Android and iOS, is a prominent lodging platform in the app stores. Through this app, users can review hotel prices for their region, or the regions they wish to book. 

Through this application, tourists can make their reservations with more security and convenience. For comparison purposes of the platform, Booking has more than 600 thousand registered hotels, not only in Brazil but worldwide. 

Among the app's features is the possibility to view comments, photos and opinions of other tourists. In addition, the entire interface is free, allowing you to find the best prices of the week. 

3. Tripadvisor 

Tripadvisor is another practical and intuitive app for those who want to find the best lodging options. Available for Android and iOS, you can find a lot of relevant information, such as hotels, activities and the main sights of the region. 

If you want to find nearby accommodations, or plan your next trip, this application is recommended. Also, to find the ideal hotel for your stay, simply filter the results. 

Finally, among the app's features is the possibility to set a planned date for the trip, as well as prices and distance. Through Tripadvisor, users can book hotel stays without leaving home. 

4., an application available for Android and iOS, aims to advertise hotels for your lodging. As soon as users access the platform for the first time, they can find accommodations near their region, as well as search by specific regions. 

To find a hotel that meets your needs, use the app's filter. Through this feature, users can search for apartments, resorts, or other rental options. 

Finally, it is possible to find all kinds of environments, such as facilities with spaces for smokers, pet-friendly, with access ramps, accessible rooms, and other features for your comfort. 

5. Hostelworld

Hostelworld is an application for tourists on duty. This is because, besides having a vast database with more than 31,000 hotels, the environments are distributed in 170 countries around the world. 

Among the platform's features, the community made up of other travelers stands out. Through this interface, users can find various information, such as: travel tips, information and hotel reviews from around the world. 

With a simple and intuitive interface, Hostelworld is easy to navigate whether you are a new or experienced user. Plus, with state-of-the-art technology, you can filter the results and find a nice environment for you and your family or friends.