Focus your thoughts on good things when you are going to perform your prayer to calm down.

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, and help you; I will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness." (Psalms 41:0-11)

Remember that God is our Refuge. Quiet your heart. Pray in your room in secret, that your Father will reward you.

"God is our refuge and fortress, a very present help in trouble." (Psalms 46:1)

Don't hold a grudge against the one who has hurt you, the best thing to do is to forgive. God wants from us what He has given us. He expects us to forgive just as He has forgiven. Seek God's help in the Word to forgive.

Often, we don't want to deal with things. We pretend they're not there, we hide, we run away, and we cover them up in various ways. We often hope that somehow they have disappeared.

Seek peace and enjoy life. Run away from anger, because it is bad, it is a big problem. There is a lot of anger in the world, in the traffic, in the stores...

Don't live according to your feelings lest you risk becoming emotionally addicted. Rather, lift up your head and live in God. Live in freedom.

Freedom is not getting everything you want, but being able to be joyful and emotionally stable even when you don't get what you want. It is the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Then pray in peace and tranquility. A prayer to calm down is the greatest privilege we have.

It is not circumstances that make us unhappy. Jesus was not a pessimist. He was optimistic above all.

There are many things that people can take away from you, but no one can force you to be pessimistic.

So, know this prayer for it to calm your life and heart. Do it believing that the best is yet to come:

Prayer that soothes life and the heart

"Lord, instruct my eyes that I may see the defects of my soul, and seeing them, not comment on the defects of others.

Lord, take away my sadness, but don't take it to anyone else.

Overflow my heart with divine faith, to always praise your name.

Take the pride and arrogance out of me.

Lord, make me really righteous and right.

Give me hope to be positive and win all earthly battles.

Plant in my heart the seed of unconditional love, and help me to make as many people as possible happy, to make their laughing days longer and their sad nights shorter.

Turn my opponents into companions, my companions into friends, and my friends into loved ones.

Let me not be a lamb before the strong, nor a lion before the weak.

Give me, Lord, the ability to forgive and take away from me the desire for revenge.


God knows your heart, so set your eyes on how God sees you.

A positive attitude can make all the difference in your life. A grateful attitude needs to be at the forefront of your thoughts.

Breathing and relaxing is what God expects from you. He wants you to enjoy life.

Jesus was humble, meek and simple. So keep the peace and quiet your soul, for the battle belongs to God.

The more peace you feel, the more power you will have. Peace of mind is to be confident in God. It is a state of comfort, free from difficulty, free from great effort, it is a naturalness.

Pray always, for God can do in a minute all that we cannot do in a lifetime.

Leave in the comments your Prayer Request. God is with you! Believe!