Prayer to change your life

Beloved God, I come here in all humility, with all the love that fits in my heart, to ask you in prayer, in a merciful and kind way, that you strengthen, sow and bless the conditions so that this blessing can come in the form of changing my life, only you are strong and powerful enough for this, only you are able to know the desires of my heart, only you, my Lord, my beloved Lord, know how much I need. 
read the bible every day

Do I need to read the Bible every day? What does my God say?

The ability to read and write, more than a human ability, should be seen as a kind of gift, an opportunity given by God so that we can absorb the knowledge both from men and from His word, which comes from the biblical texts. We cannot underestimate this ability, nor have prejudice against our sisters and brothers who, as a consequence of a hard life, have not had the opportunity to become literate.
God cares about you for your good

God cares about you for your good

God has endowed our body with the extraordinary ability to heal. When a healthy person cuts, scratches, or pricks himself, his body...
Why faith is a look that can be seen from afar

Why is faith a look that can be seen from afar?

Our relationship with the religious is first of all the word. It is above all hearing a voice that comes from somewhere else, it is believing in the invisible. Our temples say and show, where often nothing catches the eye, even if this means trivializing the space without fear of ugliness. 
4 care needed for faith growth

4 care needed for faith growth

The Christian life begins with the new birth and just like babies, the new believer has vital needs and stages of growth...