Nowadays, with the great popularity of podcasts, loyal listeners often wonder: what are the best applications to listen to gospel podcast without internet? There are many platforms to choose from. Check them out below.

Best applications to listen to Christian podcast without internet

Technological advances have provided people with countless entertainment options. Today, podcasts have gained fame among users, after all, there are countless genres and subjects treated by the speakers. 

Among the platforms are: Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and more. However, to enjoy your favorite podcasts on these services offline, a small subscription fee is required. 

Podcasts can be listened to at any time of the day, such as while cleaning the house, at work, relaxing after a tiring day, and more. However, to enjoy these subjects without internet, you need to download your favorite episodes. 

Anyway, to have fun or learn more about a certain topic, you don't have to stop all your activities, just listen to a podcast.

Christian podcasts to listen to

Podcasts offer a number of benefits to listeners, especially when the information raised by the speakers is relevant. However, when the subjects are gospel, Christians get to hear: Bible studies, exclusive interviews, sermons, and more. 

Through this popular tool, devotees are able to build up their faith, grow with the knowledge gained, and learn more about the scriptures. Want to know the best Christian podcasts to listen to? Check them out below.


At first, deals with various matters of faith through a Christian perspective. This podcast is considered by many to be the "pioneer" in the field of Christian podcasts.

The topics are popular and current, with friends debating with each other. Topics include early childhood education, theology, the church in various areas, and more.

2. Another Church

The podcast Another Church was created by pastor, singer and theologian Tiago Arrais. Like the previous one, the topics covered involve theology and Bible study. 

The episodes raise biblical analysis and explanations. All topics are deepened with knowledge and practice.

3. Lower Clergy

The Baixo Clero is another podcast for Christians who want to deepen their knowledge in the area. This podcast was created by Yago Martins, characterized as "theology for everything in life". 

In short, the topics are about scriptures and current issues, and also include the participation of experts. The main topics covered are: how to read the Bible, anti-Semitism, and others.


This podcast belongs to the ministry, created by Luciano Subirá, the leader of the church Alcance, located in Curitiba, Paraná. 

The subjects covered by the podcast involve biblical studies and reflections, as well as gospel practices. 

5. Daily Bread Devotionals

Another alternative podcast to enjoy subjects related to the gospel world is the Daily Bread Devotionals. 

All the subjects mentioned by the speakers are devotionals, published daily by the group, and featuring reflections on various topics. 

At first, all the topics covered are about 3 minutes long. So if you want to know more about the topics but don't have much time, this podcast is a good choice.