Sunday is the last day of the week, so we should give thanks and ask that the new week that begins is successful and full of blessings. Start your Sunday by saying a prayer.

Prayer of the day

Prayer of the day

My God,

This Sunday I wake up with great joy to thank you for the joy of a new dawn, for the morning breeze, for my home, for the family you gave me, because we have well-being and because we feel your presence in every moment of our lives.

Dear Father, this Sunday I come to ask you for my family, my friends, my needs, and especially for my loved ones.

Give us your blessing today, and let us always be an example of what you want us to be,


Thought and message of the day: Gratitude!

Most of the time, our loved ones know that we love them and care about them. But many of us get so caught up in life in general that we forget to express our gratitude to others. I feel that being grateful to others is something that happens less and less these days. We tend to always point out the bad and not say when something is good. Also, we spend more time in front of screens, writing to each other virtually than seeing each other in "real life". A certain distance can therefore be established.

Celebrate your successes

When something positive happens for someone else, be happy for that person and celebrate their achievements. The fact that this person close to you succeeds and undertakes will have no impact on you and your objects. Therefore, it is useless to be envious and jealous. Even if you feel envious, put it aside and concentrate on being happy for this person. 

Celebrate all the hard work she put in to achieve her goal. When it's your turn, you won't want to be alone, and you'll want your loved ones to be happy for you. So think about it!

Don't hesitate to praise others

If you appreciate the always positive attitude of one of your friends and they are a great positive influence in your life, tell them! If you like your sister's new hairstyle, what's to stop you from telling her? It will make you happy, and making people happy is a luxury. When someone does or has something good, don't hesitate to tell them. We tend to highlight the bad and very rarely the good, let's try to change the situation.

Be present

Giving others our full attention and presence when we are with them is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Especially in the society we are in today. Giving them our full attention shows them that we respect them and that they mean a lot to us.