Do this, and your storehouses will be full of grain, and you will have so much wine that you will not be able to store it.( Proverbs 3: 10)

Full barns, abundance, plenty, prosperity!

God has never been a God of misery or scarcity. He is kind, merciful, and delights to bless those who wait on Him. Trust in God and there will be abundance in your life!

You will lack nothing. Believe but also make an effort. Do your part. Don't just sit and wait. God sees all your will and stamina. He sees your struggle.

And when the time is right, His plans will be fulfilled. That car that you dream is already yours. Take possession and receive it. The keys to your home ownership have already been ordained in the spiritual world.

Soon you will no longer pay rent. Get this. O credit card has been released to you!

The doors of your employment are already open. You will be invoiced at your home. Believe it! Kneel down and say this powerful prayer every day.

You will open the doors of prosperity in your life. Now you will talk to God who is the owner of all prosperity. And He wants you to be prosperous! After all... you are His child! Amen?

Prosperity Prayer

Lord Jesus, I love You. You are my rock and my dwelling place.

I believe in your action! I believe in the tremendous, surprising, unexpected way you make the miracle unfold.

I believe you make prosperity happen. I believe you make the work of my hands multiply!

I believe and declare your abundant, overflowing provision in my barns! I believe, declare and receive abundance and prosperity in my life and home.

I am grateful for your blessing and in the same way you bless me I will also bless others, for in such an amazing way you have made me prosperous!

I thank you! Amen!

Powerful Prayer: God loved the world - John 3:16

God, the perfect creator, there were no mistakes, no flaws, no drafts needed...everything came about perfectly!

And in this perfection we are included! We are His image and likeness!

Little less than angels, we are the ones He so lovingly and faithfully sent His only son to save us and live eternity by His side!

To understand your identity in Christ is to know that you are his image, and it doesn't matter what they think about you, because the only validation you need is God's validation. That is what really matters, period.

Now say this prayer:

Lord, may we never forget your immeasurable love for us!

May Jesus' sacrifice on the cross be the recognition of our sins!

The cross was to be my place, but the Lord took his Son to suffer in my place!

I thank You! I recognize You as my only and sufficient Savior!

Your love remade me, transformed me!

Thank you, in Jesus' name!

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