The Bible is full of classics that Christians have heard thousands of times. But how about checking out some true stories from the world's greatest book, which take us back in time to creation? Follow along below.

Get to know some of the stories in the Bible that you may never have heard of before

The three stories below illustrate precise moments and a lot of teaching. Check out the passages and the entire plot proposed by the specific books, quoted along with the narrative. 

1. A courageous man - Genesis 5:21-24, 27; 6:5; Hebrews 11:5; Jude 14, 15

Men multiplied on the earth and most of them did evil like Cain. There was one man, however, who was not like the others. That was Enoch. Despite the bad examples he saw around him, this brave man continued to serve God.

Do you know why men behaved so badly? Let's see, who led Adam and Eve to disobedience by making them eat the forbidden fruit? He was a wicked angel. The Bible calls him Satan. He is the one who seeks to corrupt everyone.

One day, Enoch, divinely inspired, announced something to men that displeased them greatly. Here are his words: 'One day God will destroy all the wicked. How angry his listeners must have been! They may even have wanted to kill him. Enoch must therefore have been a man of great courage.

God did not let him live long in the midst of all this corruption. Enoch lived only 365 years. "Only 365 years?" In those days, men were very strong and therefore lived a long time. So Matushchela, Enoch's son, lived 969 years!

When Enoch died, men became more and more evil. The Bible says that 'their thoughts were always evil' and that 'the earth was filled with violence'.

Do you know why, among other reasons, there was so much violence on earth? It is because Satan had a new means of corruption. The next page will tell us more.

2. The first rainbow - Genesis 8:18-22; 9:9-17

Do you know what Noah did when he left the ark? His first gesture was to present an offering to God. The picture shows Noah making his offering. He offered several animals to God to thank Him for saving his family from the waters of the great flood.

Did Jehovah accept his offer? Yes, and God promised him again never again to destroy the world by the waves of a flood.

The land soon dried up. Then a new existence began for Noah and his family outside the ark. God blessed them and said: 'Have many children! Become numerous and fill the earth!'

But later, when men heard about the flood, they might fear the return of such a plague. God therefore gave them a sign that would remind them of his promise never again to bury the earth under masses of water. This sign is the rainbow.

It is when it rains and the sun shines again that the rainbow usually appears. Have you ever admired its beautiful colors?

This is God's promise: 'Never again will men and animals be destroyed by the waters of a flood. I have placed my bow in the clouds. When the rainbow appears, I will see it and remember my promise.

What, then, should the rainbow make us think of? To the promise that God made to never again destroy the world by the waves of a flood.

3. Lot's wife - Genesis 13:5-13; 18:20-33; 19:1-29; Luke 17:28-32; II Peter 2:6-8

Lot and his family lived next door to Abraham in the land of Canaan. One day Abraham said to Lot, 'There is not enough pasture for all our cattle. Please, let's separate. Let's go our separate ways.

Lot looked at the country. He saw a beautiful region with plenty of water and good pastures for his cattle. It was the district of Jordan. Lot went that way, he and his family and all their cattle. They finally settled in Sodom.

The people of Sodom were corrupt. Lot, who was a good man, was shocked by their conduct. God was also scandalized. He sent two angels to inform Lot of His intention to destroy Sodom and the neighboring city of Gomorrah.

The angels said to Lot, 'Hurry! Take your wife and two daughters and go! While Lot and his people were waiting, the angels took them by the hand and led them out of the city. Then one of the angels said: 'Run for your life! Don't look back! Flee to the hills, lest you perish!'

Lot and his daughters obeyed: they fled from Sodom. They didn't stop anywhere and didn't look back. But Lot's wife disobeyed. After a moment, she stopped and looked back. Then she became a statue of salt. Do you see this in the picture?

This biblical episode teaches us a lesson. It shows us that God saves those who obey him, but the disobedient will lose their lives.