A biblical and Koranic character, the subject of many movies, Solomon, son of David, intrigues by his trajectory: deeply wise, rich and peaceful, he ended his life in idolatry.

King Solomon is a biblical character who appears in the books of Samuel and Kings. His historical existence is not scientifically established, but is estimated to be around 950 BC. According to the Bible, Solomon is the son of King David and Bathsheba. He ascended the throne upon the death of his father, while he had many older half-brothers eligible for succession.

Solomon's story

David was very old. He had been king of Israel for forty years. He was a good king trying to serve God. Even though David made mistakes, he was still repentant and tried to do better. The Lord knew that David had a good heart.

David was about to die. He told his son Solomon to be the new king.

"Always follow the Lord, Solomon. Obey his commands, David said to his son. And so David died.

When Solomon became king, he prayed to God and said, "Oh, Lord, I want to be a good king. I want to serve people and help them. Please give me a wise heart so that I can always tell the difference between right and wrong. Help me to be a wise king for the people.

God answered Solomon's prayer. Solomon became known everywhere as a very wise ruler. He was also very rich and famous. People came from all over to talk to the wise King Solomon. They informed Solomon of their problems and he gave them good advice to help them.

Once there were two women who lived in the same house. Each woman had a baby, and at night the babies slept in the same bed with their mother.

One night, while the women were sleeping, the first woman accidentally rolled her baby. Unfortunately, her baby died.

The woman wanted a baby so badly that she decided to take someone else's baby. She quietly entered the second wife's room and switched the baby. When the second mother awoke, she found the baby dead beside her on the bed. At first she thought it was her baby that had died, but then she realized that she had been deceived. She wanted her baby back!

The two women went to King Solomon. The second woman told him what had happened.

She said, "That's my baby, I want my baby back!"

The other mother said, "No! It's my baby. You can't have it!

Everyone looked at Solomon. How could he know to which woman the baby belonged? But remember that God gave Solomon special wisdom.

Because Solomon was wise, he had an idea to find out the truth. He ordered one of his servants to bring him a sword. Solomon then said, "I command that the baby be cut in half with this sword."

The first wife said, "Okay, that's it. The baby should be cut in half. That way, neither of us will have more than the other.

But the other woman looked very sad: "No, don't cut the baby in half! I love the baby too much to see anyone hurt it. I'd rather the other woman have my baby. I don't want my baby to die.

Solomon had done a very wise thing. Now he knew which was the real mother and which was not. A mother loves her baby very much and would never want to be hurt. Solomon gave the baby to its real mother.

Everyone saw that Solomon was really wise. Everyone knew that God had given him special wisdom.