The beginning of a new year is an opportunity for us to wish many beautiful things for each other; and the best thing that can happen to us is to have God's blessing. It has two aspects: the good that God can do in our daily lives, but also God's approval in our lives, and in fact it is certainly this second aspect that is the most essential for us!

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Prayer to start a day blessed by God

God created each day and wants us to enjoy it. There are difficult circumstances that prevent us from living according to God's ideal in a fallen earth. However, as much as possible, let us put our activities in order to improve our stay on earth. Start your day with the following prayer.

"My God, I dedicate to you all my acts today, directing them to the intentions and all the glory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; I desire the sanctification of the beats that depart from my chest, as well as all my thinking and my simplest actions, so as to unite them to your infinite merits, repairing my faults, so as to cast them into the furnace of your love with all mercy. 

Oh my God! I ask you for myself and those around me all the grace of fulfilling your will, accepting your love, sorrows and joys of life passing by so that I can learn to deal with all the issues in my life. Amen."

Message and thought of the day

Prayer is more than a simple so-called "religious" act where one curls up in oneself thinking that this pleases God. If the attitude does not accompany the state of our heart, it is useless. It is a moment when we invite God to spend some time with us during the day. I like this passage that says that "if we draw near to God, He also draws near to us" (James 4:8).

A quality time with God is a time when we take time not only to spend time with someone we love. This moment will also do us good.

Having a good time with God is like spending time with your lover. It is a time that will be beneficial to spend the rest of the day because that time will simply do us good.

Set attainable goals for the day

I don't know about you, but when I have a moody day, everything is perfect. By that, I mean that when I do things that allow me to feel more free, I feel more relaxation. Otherwise, when I do nothing and realize at the end of the day that I have a ton of things to finish, I find no satisfaction. Doing today what I could have done the day before can be frustrating. This is called procrastination. And most of the time, if we don't do anything, it's because we don't set achievable goals.

Doing the laundry, making the bed before leaving the house, organizing the files, making a phone call to the parents are achievable goals.

Moreover, one of the ways to live with God in the long run and start the day blessed by Him is to read every day the Word He has left us. To do this, reading the same verse several times during the day or even during the week has a beneficial effect. You can write it on a post-it note and hang it in your notebooks, in your journal, inside your phone case, or even put it as wallpaper. 

By reading His Word at any time of the day, it will be easier to apply it to our lives. You can start with Proverbs or put verses that are close to your heart that will remind you of God's promises in difficult times.

Praise the Lord with all your breath

What do you do when you ride public transportation? Do you text your friends, listen to music? In that case, I advise you to listen to praise. In fact, praising the Lord through songs of prayer and worship will allow you to talk to God. We often forget that God is present in us and that, even though He knows all our thoughts, He wants a real relationship with us. 

In addition, it will put positive vibrations in your head, instead of stressing yourself out and listening to stupid clairvoyant programs on the radio. Singing the glory and love of the Lord will fill them with peace, the peace that Christ left us when he ascended to heaven. So why waste such a gift?

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