What are you worrying about now? No matter your circumstances and whatever is bothering you, God is on your side and has a good plan for you, as He promises in the Bible. He walks you through your daily life and has answers to the questions that affect you most.

Prayer of the day

"Lord, I beg through this prayer for the discernment of the gift of patience, that I may be able to find my inner peace, the strength to tolerate the unjust and bad that have crossed my path. I ask that you fill my life with all your light, with all your Power, so that I will be able to solve my problems, worrying only about you and not about what others think,

My Lord, fill me with good sense so that I know how to appreciate what is good and of Divine merit in my life. Help me to overcome all the mishaps that life throws at me, and Your truth to live in peace, hopeful and with great faith.

May I not try to please men, but Your Divine Light that keeps me seeing with faith all my way.

Help me to follow my path day by day, to enjoy the good moments in my life, and give me more strength. Help me to understand the problems and all the trials I must go through. Because by your side I am happy and healthy, and with faith I can accomplish anything.


Thought and message of the day

Are you truly the person God created or do you live to "please men"? According to the scriptures, God's will is that we do things to honor him, to please him, and to truly be the person he created. When we decide to be that person, unique and different from all others, we sometimes have to face criticism. But you will not truly love yourself if you do things without enthusiasm.

Often people are not themselves because they prefer to follow the crowd when they know in their heart that God has shown them a totally different path. I want to encourage you to take that leap of faith and be the person God created you to be. Don't let anyone determine your worth. Have the courage to be different and deal with criticism. Remember, God loves you and accepts you. He created you as you are for a reason, and you have something special to offer the world.