Greetings sisters and brothers,

What is true wealth? To have a car of the year, a house with several rooms, a company with a lot of profit at the end of the year, to travel abroad, to always have the best cell phone? Is this material wealth, this prosperity of goods through faith reserved to the evangelical? Should evangelical temples be gold-plated so that their value is recognized? We will deal with these issues in this article, but let's advance an answer to all these questions: no. Material wealth is not a bad thing, but it is not the value of the true evangelical.

To think about this subject we must always think about our life and what we understand as a blessing from our Lord Jesus Christ. When we are sick, will having the car of the year bring us healing? When our children are depressed, will a mansion bring back the light in their childish eyes? Of course, the answer to these questions is also no. A fast car can take you to the hospital, a mansion can fill our eyes and bring us momentary joy, but the cure for illness and depression is in Jesus and not in material things.

To be rich means to have health, strength to work, to have good people by our side, to be able to have fun, to live with faith in Christ every day of our lives. To be rich is to have the opportunity, even after committing sins that we cannot even forgive ourselves, to receive forgiveness from our dear brothers and sisters, to be welcomed by our church and our faith. This is the true wealth of an evangelical: to live in a community of love.

Faced with the reality that material possessions may bring us joy, but that true joy lies elsewhere, we can pray as follows:

"Lord Jesus of goodness and infinite wisdom, grant me and my family all the prosperity we deserve, that in the face of difficulties we may receive strength and courage, in the face of sickness we may receive healing, in the face of hatred we may exercise love, so that in the end we may have before us the true wealth, that of being daily beside you, beside you, Jesus. Grant me wisdom so that if I have, besides this divine wealth, material goods that satisfy me and my family, that I always remember that everything I have I owe to your will, Lord, and that I never forget that part of everything I have should be returned to you and to those who truly believe in your word. Amen."

Evangelical faith produces in people's lives the greatest riches, brings them closer to the most fortunate, delivers us from sickness and disease, more than any health insurance policy, more than the car of the year, more than a mansion with a television of endless inches. Jesus was a poor man, who walked in humble garments, but became the king of us all, through his lesson of love and humility. Our evangelical brothers and sisters are not on our side because of the gold in our garments, but because of the true treasure that we can carry, which is the unshakable faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.