We don't suddenly wake up one morning with a long list of problems. These are the results of many years of bad choices. So we cannot expect everything to work out overnight.

Certainly, God is the God of miracles and he can solve all our problems in a second, if he wants to. But that's usually not how it works. It would not be good for us if he made everything go back to normal instantly, like the wave of a magic wand. We would learn nothing from it and repeat the same mistakes.

To restore order in our lives, we must learn to make good choices. And if we make wise decisions and do what God tells us, we will have what he wants us to have. So start your day by saying a prayer.

Prayer of the day

"Heavenly Father, I come to You today because I want to seek Your will for my life - send me signs of my way.

Lord, I want to succeed in what I do and dedicate myself to, and today I place before you the desires of my heart and ask that in your grace you give me the birth and the fountain of wisdom.

I pray that you will send me my life's plans so that I can better learn how I will succeed.

Guide me, Lord, on the path of this earth by your choice of gifts and possibilities to follow, I place before you the hopes and dreams of my heart that I would very much like to fulfill, asking you to guide me.

I ask this in the name and glory of the Lord Jesus!


Thought and message of the day

Blessings are not only material. The world is full of very rich and unhappy people. God wants to bless us so that we can live the abundant life that Jesus gave us through his death and be a blessing to others, not to accumulate possessions.

The message of Deuteronomy (30:19) is simple: Do what God tells you and you will be blessed. Don't do what He says, and you won't be blessed.

This is very important: God's promises are for everyone, not just for a few. If you obey God's instructions for your life and trust Him, you will receive what He wants to give you.

How to put your life in order

Whatever your problems are, be determined to do the right thing and you will see the end of the tunnel, no matter how long it takes. God is faithful to His Word. The important thing is that you are determined to obey him. And for that you will need zeal, perseverance, dedication, strength of character and patience.

Believe that there is a solution to your problems. Your finances can change. Your life as a couple can improve. You can have a healthy body. You can experience peace and joy. You can have a deep relationship with God.

Jesus said that He came to give us life in abundance. He wants us to live in peace and joy, and to be free from worries and anxieties. If we love and seek God with all our hearts, he will give us his wisdom and show us how to access the life he offers us in Christ.