A prayer to start the day well can solve many problems. Praying in the morning can help avoid procrastination, as it is a time of connecting with God and setting priorities. By dedicating the first few moments of the day to prayer and seeking divine guidance, it is possible to focus on what really matters and set clear goals for the day. 

In addition, prayer can bring peace and serenity, helping to maintain the motivation and discipline needed to tackle the day's tasks with determination. Thus, morning prayer can be a powerful tool to avoid procrastination and to pursue the successful accomplishment of our goals.

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Prayer to start the day well 

"Dear God, I come to You humbly, knowing that You are a God of love and goodness, who always welcomes us with mercy and grace. I come to You today to ask for help in my struggle against procrastination. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the tasks of everyday life and I end up putting off what is important, leaving for later what should be done now.

Lord, I know that procrastination is a harmful habit that can prevent me from reaching my goals and realizing my purpose in this world. I ask that you help me to recognize the pitfalls of procrastination and to overcome the temptation to put off the important things I need to do.

Help me to be disciplined and to have the courage to face the challenges that come my way. Give me the strength and energy to accomplish the tasks I need to accomplish, even when they seem difficult or tiring.

Help me to have focus and clarity, so that I can set clear priorities and work diligently to achieve my goals. I ask that you give me wisdom and discernment to choose the best options and to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves in my life.

Lord, help me to be organized and manage my time effectively so that I can be productive and achieve success in all areas of my life. May procrastination no longer be an obstacle for me, but that I will be able to move forward with confidence and determination toward my dreams and goals.

I ask that You help me to trust You at all times, knowing that You will always be with me and guide me to the best path. May I feel Your presence at every step of my journey, and may I trust in Your providence and care.

In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen."

Procrastination Message of the Day

Procrastination is a problem that affects many people, and can have negative consequences in both personal and professional life. According to the Bible, procrastination is a behavior that should be avoided, as it can lead to laziness and lack of responsibility. In addition, the Bible encourages the pursuit of wisdom and the practice of diligence to achieve success.

One of the best known Biblical examples of procrastination is the story of the lazy servant told in Matthew 25:14-30. In this parable, a man entrusts his servants with a sum of money to look after while he travels. One of the servants, however, is afraid to take a risk and hides the money instead of investing it. When the man returns, he praises the other two servants who multiplied the amount, but scolds the lazy servant for not doing anything with the money. This shows that procrastination can lead to lack of progress and even missed opportunities.

The Bible also encourages the pursuit of wisdom and the practice of diligence to achieve success. Proverbs 6:6-8 states that ants are an example of diligence, for they work hard all summer long to prepare for winter. This teaching shows us that procrastination can be a hindrance to success and that we must work diligently and wisely to achieve our goals.

In summary, the Bible teaches us to avoid procrastination for many reasons. It can lead to laziness and lack of responsibility, it can result in missed opportunities and lack of progress, and it can be an obstacle to achieving success. Therefore, it is important to cultivate diligence and the pursuit of wisdom in order to avoid procrastination and achieve our goals.

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March 1, 2023