It's amazing how good music can be for a person. Whether it's playing a musical instrument or listening to a song they like, everyone can feel good about being connected to music with a app to listen to gospel music without internet.

If you are a gospel music lover, you know that there is no time or place to listen to good music. Did you know that there are some apps to listening to free gospel music without internet? That's right!

Even without an internet connection on your smartphone, you can listen to your favorite praises wherever and whenever you want!

The best applications to listening to gospel music

Check out which apps you can listen to gospel music offline with the following list.

It has a huge variety of genres and songs, to please all audiences.

Amazon Prime Music

First of all, there is Amazon Prime Music on our list. If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can access Amazon's basic music streaming service.

It has 2 million free songs, no ads, and works great with your Alexa device. If you have this possibility, take advantage of this opportunity.

Click here and access Amazon Prime Music from your computer or cell phone.

To download it from the Play Store or App Store, just follow the steps below:

  • Open the Play Store or App Store on your phone
  • Type in Amazon Prime Music
  • Click on Install


Deezer is very simple to use, has many music options, and is a great option for those looking beyond music because of its podcasts.

On Deezer, you can enjoy your own set of intelligent playlists with recommendations made especially for you who like the gospel genre.

Click here to access the Deezer website and download the app. To download the app, just go to the bottom of the homepage and find the Play Store or App Store.

Mp3 Christian Music

In a completely different register, Mp3 Christian Music is the app that every gospel music lover should have on his or her phone. Does gospel music surprise you? The app detects the surrounding music in a few clicks, automatically adds the title to your library, and generates custom playlists.

This totally free app features a series of Christian songs that will change your routine. To download the app from the Play Store, simply click here and you'll be redirected to the app's page in the Play Store.

Free Christian Music

Let's start with the most important advantage of this application: space, since it doesn't take up much internal or external storage, in fact it is quite light. There is no reason to doubt its content, as it has a very complete application. In its tools or menus you will find: search engine, popular songs, various praises and artists of various Christian music genres.

YouTube Music

The Youtube Music application offers the possibility to listen to any song available on the listening platform, to generate playlists of your favorite songs, to access similar titles according to the listening, and to follow the lyrics of the selected songs.

What does the free version offer? The songs available on Youtube Music can be listened to without restrictions. The only downside (and not the least important one) in its free version, it is not possible to turn off your cell phone screen while listening. This solution is therefore preferred for listening on a computer, for example.

Click here to download Youtube Music from the Play Store.

Click here to download Youtube Music from the App Store