Now that you've filled out your registration, how about connecting with people of the same faith as yours? On WhatsApp, we also share a daily blessing from the Bible app, daily!

Being among people with the same faith is powerful! It helps you to never give up, because everyone around you also knows that this is not an option! Everyone keeps in mind that God makes everything happen at the right time!

Outside of church circles, it is not uncommon for us to find ourselves between a rock and a hard place in discussions that lead us to speak out or defend our faith. Much of our justifications and reasons for evangelizing or apologizing come from theology, philosophy, or, at best, a story experienced by someone else.

Our intention has always been to offer tools that allow us to live our faith as naturally as possible. That's why being in a circle of people who share the same faith makes your days lighter.

An evangelizer is a translator. Jesus explained the great mysteries of faith using very simple ideas that he expressed in the form of parables. The Church teaches us great and wonderful things, but sometimes it takes a master's degree in philosophy to understand them. Try to understand them, then try to explain them using simple words to make your friends want to know more. Or simply, talk to people who also like to know more about the Bible app!

St. Teresa of Avila, exasperated by the difficulties of life, had said to God, "If this is how you treat your friends, no wonder you have so few! ". Faith has no reason to be something serious or terrible. God is not a person without a sense of humor. With humor, even the hardest and toughest knees eventually bend.

Of course, saying that God exists because we feel it in our hearts may make people smile, but we have to admit: God has done something in our lives, others should know, that is indisputable!

No one can deny what happened to us. When telling our story, try to respect the ABCs of the perfect witness: be playful; be brief; be "Christocentric." To banish boring, long stories that only talk about us. Meditate and organize your testimony.

Having a group to talk about your faith with is always a way to be at peace every day, knowing that your gratitude to God invades other hearts as well. Join the WhatsApp Group and share your blessings with those who also follow the same thought as you.

Look for the "seeds of God"! God is always present and He is everywhere, so His truth is there too, in the heart of your interlocutor, even if he is not a believer. God has sown, look for His seeds, look for them behind his unbelief and hostility, hidden in his heart full of rational and logical arguments.

A large proportion of unbelievers simply don't believe because the moral barrier is so high that they feel unable or unwilling to cross it, to aspire to that way of life. God's existence is above all love, not a law. Show the God of Love, not the God of Laws.

This is why, when you are in an environment where everyone believes in God and His Word, just like you do, the days seem lighter and you know that you can share your stories without any kind of fear.

Live your faith every day! Our most convincing argument is to believe with conviction. Convinced to the point of seeking to live day after day what we claim to believe.

It is because Abraham believed God's words that he became God's friend. What a privilege! But it is actually a choice! We can make the choice to become God's friend! God wants to be your friend! You must accept the Word of God as the supreme authority that directs your life. It will be God's Word that will direct you, no matter what people say, you will choose to BELIEVE His Word.

How about having friends around you who can share the same ideas? Join the WhatsApp Group through the Bible app and feel part of bonds of great faith!