Nowadays, with technological advancement, it is possible to find true love through the Internet. There are several platforms for meeting new people. To find a service that meets your needs, it is necessary to know the relationship app

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Relationship App 

Finding the best relationship app is the first step to meeting new people. With technological advancement, it has become easy to use the Internet to your advantage, both in your personal and professional life. 

Dating apps are available on all major Android and iOS devices. Also, most platforms are free, but in some cases a monthly fee is required to access exclusive features.

Popular platforms help users find people online near you. Anyway, to help you in the mission of finding your ideal match, these services have been developed for both operating systems. Check them out below:


Tinder, available for Android and iOS, is suitable for users who wish to meet new people. This app is extremely popular among those of the "find your perfect match today" crowd. 

Through the platform, you can create an account with your main photos, name, location, bio, and interests. The app uses geolocation to find people near you. When you find a profile that interests you, swipe to the right. 

Currently, it is possible to use the main functions of the app for free, but subscription plans have more opportunities. Tinder Gold charges a monthly fee of R $29.99, giving the user the opportunity to like as many profiles as they wish. 


Happn is yet another app for those who want to find their ideal match. The main goal of the platform is to connect people who have experienced the same place. 

Among the platform's features is the use of location to notify users that they have crossed paths. In this way, it is possible to interact with people through likes. 

It is important to say that messages can only be sent if the interest is mutual. That is, if both users like the profiles, it is possible to get in touch. 


Last but not least, Bumble is another app for meeting new people. Among the features of the platform is the opportunity to create different types of connections. 

The app is geared toward users who want to meet someone lovingly, make new friends, or network. When registering, it is necessary to answer a series of questions in order to find specific matches. 

One of the features of the app is to give more control to women. In this sense, when two people make out with each other, only the woman can contact the match. If there is no connection within 24 hours, she disappears. 

With a simple and intuitive interface, users can enjoy new profiles by dragging their finger to the right. If you want to use all the features, you need to pay a subscription of US $8.99 / month. 

Bumble is available for free download in all major app stores, both Android and iOS. To get unlimited likes, you need to pay for a subscription. 

January 04, 2023