O Pregnancy App can keep track of the entire gestation of moms and dads out there. In recent years, mobile apps aimed at parents-to-be and young parents have multiplied. Feeding, pregnancy monitoring, choosing a first name, find out all about this app.

Pregnancy App download

This is the essential free app for all pregnant women. A classic that allows you to follow your pregnancy day by day, receiving personalized tips and information. 

Very ergonomic and accessible, the app also offers a lot of information about nutrition or essential baby shopping. You can download the Pregnancy app from Google Play and the App Store.

This mobile app is one of the most popular. If it has tens of millions of downloads to its credit, it is no coincidence! Easy to use, the Pregnancy App offers nutritional tips, shopping recommendations to prepare for the baby's arrival. It also allows you to keep an appointment schedule, track your weight curve, fetal development, better understand pregnancy symptoms, time your contractions, and prepare your birth plan (at home, with or without epidural, etc.) and your maternity bag.

Highlights: o Pregnancy App gives prominence to 2D and 3D images to visualize the size and evolution of the baby day by day, depending on the due date. You choose among the five proposed appearances of the fetus the one that best corresponds to your child. Images almost as realistic as an ultrasound!

How the Pregnancy App works

If you are at the beginning of your pregnancy or a few days away from meeting your baby, downloading a tracking app can be very helpful. This tool allows pregnant women, whether pregnant for the first time or who have already been there, to learn more, delve into specific topics, exchange tips and feedback with other moms, but also track the development of the fetus. 

Whether at home, in waiting rooms, or on public transportation, these applications can be consulted anywhere. This makes them essential allies in everyday life.

Learn independently

During the first pregnancy, we don't necessarily know many things, we are asking for information. And we often prefer to get an idea for ourselves rather than listen to the mothers around us who have been there.

In this case, an app will carefully complement the information received during consultations with professionals, who do not always have much knowledge or availability to answer the avalanche of questions that a mother-to-be asks. Some apps will continue to be of great help for those who have already had children, and even after giving birth, for those who offer sports exercises or postpartum wellness, or tips on breastfeeding.

Benefits of the Pregnancy App

No matter the stage of your pregnancy, there are many useful and not necessarily paid mobile apps for pregnant women, but also for new parents. 

If you have been pregnant for a few weeks or are about to give birth, it is a safe bet that you often use your smartphone to find out more about your pregnancy period. Technology is part of our lives and has become a daily tool. 

What better way to learn about motherhood during the nine months, which you carry your baby, than on your phone. There are obviously articles on the Web, but there are also many excellent apps.

Whether you want to find your baby's first name, get tips on how to be healthy during pregnancy, do a follow-up, know what to eat, and prepare for the maternity ward birth, you have it all on Google Play or/and Apple Store.

Get pregnant

They are designed by fertility specialists. In addition to controlling the cycle, they give advice to increase the likelihood of conceiving successfully. The first step in using this app is to provide all the useful information about the couple.

For example, weight, age, lifestyle habits, duration of the menstrual cycle, frequency of sexual intercourse, among other data. The integration of these elements allows the application to adapt to the users' profile.

Follow the baby's progress

Because of the Pregnancy App, parents-to-be can track their baby's progress day by day. It not only provides beautiful interactive pictures about the development of the fetus, but also communicates daily information (about the baby's development, nutrition, labor, delivery, etc.), allows personalized weight monitoring, has a counter of the baby's bumps on the belly, records the frequency and duration of contractions, advises mothers-to-be on preparing their maternity bag.