There is things that money can't buy. Isn't it paradoxical that even as we suffer from the risk of losing our jobs, homes, and pensions, many continue to have only one thing in mind: to buy what money can pay for?

These people are the main targets of advertisers, who want us to believe that we need a bigger apartment, a bigger vehicle, and designer clothes. "You don't have money? No problem: use credit! For many, the important thing is to give the impression that they are rich, even if they are drowning in debt.

But at some point in life, reality catches up with them. "Buying flashy deals on credit to fool others and yourself into thinking you've succeeded is like pulling out a crack pipe to cheer yourself up. Initially, it's not expensive and works well; but it doesn't last. Either way, you end up penniless and depressed. 

3 things money can't buy

The Bible denounces the folly of the "proud display of one's livelihood" (John 2:16). In fact, those who are obsessed by the possession of material goods forget what matters most in life: the things that money cannot buy. Let's talk about three of them.

1. The family unit

She discovers that her father places great importance on her work and the money she earns. "We have everything we need and more," she says, "but I never see my father. He is always on the move. I know it's for his work, but his family needs him too! 

2. True safety

"My mother tells me all the time that I have to marry a rich man and learn a trade to find a good job and protect myself in case of trouble," explains one Christian. "It seems that all she cares about is who will sign her next check." 

To secure your future, there are better things to do than to promote the accumulation of money. After all, someone can steal your money; it also cannot cure disease or prevent death (Ecclesiastes 7:12). According to the Bible, true security is found in knowing God and His plan for mankind (John 17:3).

3. A satisfying life

"At home, we learned to live simply," says another Christian. "My twin sister and I had a happy childhood, although most of the time we barely had enough to live on." 

There is more to life than money and the things it can buy. The Bible says, "A man's life does not depend on his possessions, even if he is very rich" (Luke 12:15). In short, life is only fully satisfying if you know the answers to fundamental questions like:

  • Why am I on earth?
  • What does the future hold for me?
  • How can I satisfy my spiritual needs?

The key to happiness

In general, materialistic people are less happy and more prone to depression. Even those who simply want to have more money have poorer mental health; they also suffer from physical problems, such as headaches, sore throats, or backaches. 

And they are more likely to drink or use drugs. Obviously, running after riches makes you unhappy. So, seeking God is always the best way to find happiness, and the rest comes naturally, without greed being able to destroy Godly and heartfelt achievements.