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Far from being wrong, the digital revolution today offers many services to the Christian faith, such as Bible Application on the cell phone.

And this is the case with Applications available for reading the Bible onlinewhich can be installed on the cell phones of many Christians for immediate use. The Christian life thus becomes easy to live. Especially with the possibility of several applications created every day to make this precious holy book, the The Holy BibleIt is accessible from the simplest smartphones, but also from the latest generation.

Early Christians could only know certain parts of the Bible. One person would read aloud to a group, sharing a passage from a handwritten copy of the text.

Today, our cell phones give us access to hundreds of Bibles at our fingertips. In addition, the audio versions of many of these Bibles can "read" God's inspired Word to us!

O Bible Application helps you engage more with Scripture at any time, whether during sports, getting ready for work, on the go... or just reading. 

O Holy Bible application is also available on Apple Store and Google Play. To do so, simply look in the store of your device, Android or iOS, download it and enjoy all the benefits that the app can offer you, brother or sister in faith.

In a world where the Internet has conquered every heart and become almost indispensable, consumer habits have also undergone profound changes. 

With the digital book, a new era is dawning. We have discovered that reading can be practiced differently than with a paper book, through a simple Bible application.

For Christians who are driven to feed on God's word daily, this technological marvel is a true gift from God. Check out some of the main benefits of downloading the Holy Bible app on your cell phone:

- convenience to study at any time of the day:

- easy to carry with you anywhere;

- easy reading with possible interpretations;

- access to any book of the Bible quickly and easily.

Through the Bible app, in fact, the reader will no longer be content to carry a single version of God's word, but a multitude that he fits on his cell phone or touch pad. It is something to delight all those Christians who now have the possibility to find different translations of the Bible to strengthen their knowledge and their faith.


Some readings are relatively long; the Bible app therefore has the advantage of putting the best-known texts into context while providing an overview. You can also pray every day with a Psalm.

Any time

The best part is that you don't have to read the whole Bible at once, from cover to cover. Later, you can open the Bible App and make sure you read it one at a time, at any time of the day.


Remember: the Bible is a library of 66 books, written by various authors, at different times. So read it calmly, at the best moment of your routine, after work, during the college break, on the bus going home.


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