christian apps and faith

10 Christian applications that will help your spiritual life 

Your cell phone can be used as a powerful tool to bring you closer to God and the Christian community. There is a plethora of Christian apps that can help you in your faith walk. And the best part: most of the best Christian apps are available for both Android and iPhone.
read the bible every day

Do I need to read the Bible every day? What does my God say?

The ability to read and write, more than a human ability, should be seen as a kind of gift, an opportunity given by God so that we can absorb the knowledge both from men and from His word, which comes from the biblical texts. We cannot underestimate this ability, nor have prejudice against our sisters and brothers who, as a consequence of a hard life, have not had the opportunity to become literate.
Women in the Bible What we can learn from them

Women in the Bible: What We Can Learn from Them

There are women in the Bible who teach us a lot. In all, the Bible specifically mentions somewhere between 150 and 200 individual women in its pages. That's a lot of women! And, unfortunately, we know very little about the vast majority of them. Here's what we know about some of the main ones and their teachings.
Battle of Armageddon What it is; Who will fight and How it will be

Battle of Armageddon: What It Is; Who Will Fight It; What It Will Be Like

The battle of Armageddon is, as the name implies, a conflict mentioned in Revelation, which takes place in the last moments before the new earth and also the new heaven. It is a dosra. It is one of the fragments of the Bible that seems to have managed to capture the attention of many believers, and non-believers alike.
Holy Bible App Have the Bible App at hand any time of the day

Holy Bible App: How and when to use

Bible reading apps are multiplying and offering more and more features, while taking care of the design to offer easy navigation and the best possible reading comfort.