In these times we live in, it is essential to be in a Prayer Group and receive a Daily Blessing.

We've made it easy and simple to find your prayer group!

Are you part of a group?

First step: access the WhatsApp group. Only administrators can send messages to maintain organization.

Are you looking for a miracle and hearing God's voice?

There is a secret to speeding up the process and getting your request answered. But few know it. In the groups you can write down your prayer requests so that our team can receive them for you.

Do you have a prayer that hasn't been answered?

Waiting takes a lot of energy. Therefore, keeping the faith and sharing your request with the whole world will save you time and help you keep the faith until your request is fulfilled.

I recommend it

Follow the steps

Send your prayer request today and listen to God's voice.
Understanding how the process works will make the difference. Being in the group will give you comfort, confidence and faith until your petition is answered. This is the fastest and most effective way, because you will receive the Daily Blessing on your mobile phone every day.

Face your challenges and don't laugh

You have to face the challenges and not give in. That's why our team is here to help you. Every day we receive many prayer requests and testimonies from people who have been granted their requests. But none of them have given up. Nor will we surrender. We are with you. Start receiving your daily blessing today and share your prayer petitions with us. May God bless you!


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