What apps are available to see your beloved country?

Are you looking for an app to follow your beloved country at the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Nei nostri giorni ci muoviamo con molta fede. Quindi, quando tifiamo per la nostra squadra preferita, non possiamo rinunciare a ciò in cui crediamo, vero?

There are many apps and websites dedicated to calcio.

On the occasion of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, give our app team a chance to follow the news and save the matches directly, practicing your faith in the sport.
The FIFA World Cup 2022 is underway!

An unprecedented period for the 22nd edition of one of the most followed events on the planet. Four years ago, more than half of the population (3.572 million people) followed the 2018 World Cup and the incorporation of the French national team in Russia.

In order not to miss anything of this unmissable event for calcio lovers, we have selected the essential apps for you.

They will allow you to save all the parts, access the results and be updated on the latest news.

Consult the applications and check them immediately.

Since the launch of the smartphone, we have all changed our behavior. We may not realize it, but the smallest of our actions is now associated with the use of our beloved smartphones. To communicate, to interact, to consume any kind of product, today we depend on digital.

Mobile applications, in particular, have completely transformed our way of living. That's why today it's essential to have a smartphone to connect with the administration, to find a great love, to be close to the Parola di Dio or to work.


The best calcium apps

The best apps for monitoring your country, for example, have replaced television. And this year it will be particularly important to know how to create a mobile app to follow the 2022 World Cup.

Consult the applications and check them immediately.


Religion and sport

Storically, religion and sport were strictly legal. Sporting events were often linked to religious ceremonies or festivals. These events have acted as potential symbols or metaphors of the occult. For example, the Olympic Games, celebrated by the ancient Greeks, were more of a festival or a celebration of the gods than a simple sporting event.



Although sport has now become more secular, religion still has an impact. On a psychological level, studies have shown that religion and spirituality improve athletic performance. Like any human being, athletes face their share of challenges and often cite religion as a key factor in overcoming adversity.


Athletic stories dedicated to faith

The stories of athletes who are committed to their own faith, even when there may be a conflict between the two, show the importance of religion in today's sport. Here's why typhus and hunger always go hand in hand! To support your team at the World Cup and follow all the matches, if you're lucky, choose one of the apps to support your favorite country at the World Cup.


Vita religiosa

Your religious life is separate from your sporting life, but the ideas expressed through your religion help you to manage your life with few obstacles outside sport. Sport has everything to do with faith.

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